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The Fender Benders
 are four versatile musicians, each of whom has been performing in rock bands for 20-40 years.  We have been together in this band for more than 10 years -- with the same band members -- so we are very tight musically.   Our repertoire includes songs everybody knows: true "classics" from the golden age of rock: the late 60s, the 70s, and the early 80s. Our sound is genuine and true to the genre, with full instrumentation on vintage instruments (including real all-tube guitar and keyboard amps and a real spinning organ speaker). With three lead vocalists, we have the variety needed to get the right sound for every song, and tight harmonies.  We are all about the tone!  Listen to us live, and you'll hear the difference.

 We have broad demographic appeal.  People love this music.  Audience members are often seen singing along.  Little children are often seen dancing in front of the stage.  We are a family-friendly band, with clean lyrics and appropriate language and dress, but with enough musical edge to satisfy the most fastidious rock purist.

 Although we use our musicianship to make each song "our own", the style and feel are always true to the original recordings. (In fact, we sometimes sound more "true" to the records than do some of the original bands when they perform in concert!) Our extensive play list (over 6 hours of music without repeats!) allows us to tailor our performances to a wide variety of events and venues. Audience feedback is positive, and organizations that hire us invite us back again and again.

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   The Fender Benders will add class and fun to any event.


Looking for a different kind of high quality entertainment for your event? Check out our other group, Relic Acoustic Band. Relic is a fun, easy listening, unplugged musical trio guaranteed to have you smiling, with funny jokes and music trivia and fun songs that people love. This is an excellent group for smaller and medium sized events, at a price about half that of The Fender Benders. LINK HERE for more information.

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