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The Herald Journal/Cache
Friday, June 18, 2004
Story by Tyler Riggs
Photos by Mitch Mascaro


"The four guys that make up The Fender Benders have only been together for a year, but they're having the time of their lives. Carl Hart, 39, Irv Nelson, 50, Scott Olsen, 43, and Steve Roberts, 52, are the band -- and they're just a crazy group of guys. By day, Hart is a realtor, Nelson a professor, Olsen works with explosives, and Roberts is an engineer. By night, the group is the rockingest group of cats this side of Tremonton.

"I think we play a kind of music that people like to hear," Nelson said. The Fender Benders have a long list of classic rock songs in their repertoire, songs like "Louie Louie" and "Hound Dog."

Before the band formed, Nelson said, he was thinking about how the older generation has its music like the Glenn Miller Band show and he wondered, "Where is the music for my generation?"

So far, after a year of playing together, the band has been met with very good response from crowds. "We play music that people love that you just don't hear anymore," Nelson said, "stuff that everybody connects with."

And he means everybody. Nelson recalled one concert the band was playing where little kids in the audience stood up and started singing along. "How do they know these words?" Nelson asked. "They said, ‘My mom plays this all the time.'"

This summer, The Fender Benders have kept a busy schedule, playing at company parties, restaurants and will play at Logan city's 24th of July celebration. Playing at Summerfest on Saturday is probably the band's biggest gig yet, they said.

The Fender Benders try to present their music in a clean way that is family friendly. "We stay away from the offensive lyrics," Nelson said.

The band gets along with each other and there are no ego problems, Nelson said. "This is not a typical band ... we just have fun. Nobody has these delusions that they're so great. There's no argument." Nelson said there is no debate over who should sing lead in songs, or who should get the most solos. "We are just having the time of our life," Olsen said. "We don't have anything special, except The Fender Benders are special."




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