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The ideal stage size is 24x18 feet (WxD) or larger. 24x12 is OK. The minimum stage size for all our equipment and for us to be able to breathe is 18x12 feet. If you have less space than that, it's going to be a squeeze. Call us with any questions.

CLICK HERE to SEE our stage layout diagram
CLICK HERE for a PRINTER FRIENDLY version of our stage layout diagram

Outdoor Venues:

In cases of inclement or possibly inclement weather in outdoor venues, we require you to provide adequate protection for our equipment. The dimensions of overhead protection must be larger than stage dimensions because equipment is placed at the edge of the stage on all four sides (some overhang is needed to prevent problems with wind and runoff).


We have a medium-sized (3,000 Watts), high-quality, Eminence-loaded, quad-amped PA system adequate for nearly all indoor venues and also for most outdoor venues (up to several hundred people). For very large events with many hundreds or thousands of people, please discuss your needs with us. Depending on the situation, you may need to employ a professional sound company. In such cases, CLICK HERE for details of our PA requirements (please print out a copy and send it to the professional sound company in advance).


We do not provide any lighting equipment. We require you to supply all stage lighting.


If we are providing the PA, we require you to supply properly grounded 120V power for AT LEAST 30 AMPS (i.e., two separate circuit breakers). (This does NOT include lighting, if any, which must be run from breakers completely separate from our equipment.) Both outlets must be within 100 feet of the center of the stage. Please note that if two separate outlets on two separate breakers are not located within 100 feet of the stage, then any extension cords used must be at least 12 gauge (rated for at least 15 amps) or thicker (i.e. smaller numbers such as 10 gauge) to prevent voltage loss at maximum amp draw. Please note that 16 and 14 gauge cords are NOT acceptable.

If someone else is providing the PA, our stage equipment requires AT LEAST 15 AMPS (i.e., one dedicated circuit breaker separate from PA and lights.)


You are responsible to ensure that no unauthorized persons are allowed access to the stage area during the performance. If any unauthorized person enters the stage area, the performance will immediately stop until such time as the stage has been cleared. Also, you are liable for any damage to band equipment caused by any person other than band members.

Cigarette Smoke:

None of us are smokers and, at our age, second-hand smoke really messes up our singing voices (not to mention that our equipment stinks for months afterward and our wives won't let any of it back into the house). Sorry, it's just not worth it anymore for us to play in smoke-filled environments. So here's our policy: Either no smoking or no Fender Benders.



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